A Warwickshire Artist

Kevin Parrish - traditional, freehand oil painter

the-artsist-2002Born in Birmingham in 1953, Kevin has an English and Welsh background and always had a dream to become a successful Fine Artist from his childhood. Many days were spent sketching and painting during this time. However he made a career in Civil Engineering as a Contract Technician/Draftsman lasting 24 years, from the age of 17. He did not fulfil his dream until 1995 when he became a full time Artist after being made redundant.

Kevin is currently exhibiting at the prestigious Mitchell Gallery in Warwick (Telephone 01926 408787); where he was commissioned to create and paint the Warwick Collection. A series of black and white oils pieces of art depicting many famous historic buildings in Warwick, including Warwick Castle and Warwick School. His artwork style has been likened to Artist John Atkinson Grimshaw from the 19th century by art lovers.

During 2012 Kevin was approached by the Mayor Of Warwick, who had already purchased a couple of original pieces of the Warwick Collection, to create a monochrome painting of the restored Court House building in Warwick, which was celebrated with a Grand Opening during September 2014. The original painting was unveiled by The Mayor at the event.  Merchandise is available to purchase from the painting, relating to a Charity appeal, including Limited Edition Prints and Christmas Greeting Cards.

Please visit Kevin’s website: www.kevinparrish.co.uk/court-house-warwick-uk for further details.

Kevin paints from dark to light, with highlights achieved by applying several layers of paint. His inspiration comes from looking at photographic material and/or seeing scenes in situ. He then creates a pencil sketch in his studio or sometimes on location, more than one if it is a commission, giving the commissioner a choice of sketch for the final oil painting in monochrome or colour.

Kevin’s artwork has appeared on merchandise including Jigsaw Puzzles, CD covers, Fanzine covers, Calendars, Greeting Cards with genre including Historic Buildings, Railways, Canals, Local Scenes, Portrait Montages of Luminaries.

the-artistHe was published in 2006 by Buckingham Fine Arts (Limited Edition Prints) and Newcomers Art Gallery in 2004 and 2002.

His Art can be found in Private Collections in UK and overseas.

He has been Resident Artist at Warwick Studios in Leamington Spa during 2006-8 and Jane Powell Art Studio during 2001.

He was included in the Dictionary Of International Biography-37th Edition in June 2013.

He is a member of The Guild Of Railway Artists, The Cuneo Society, Bridgeman Art Library, The Science and Society Picture Library, London and Elegant Clutter Ltd (Corporate Art) in Warwick.

He is currently working on a Project in collaboration with the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway in the Cotswolds, creating their Railway Station scenes in colour.

These are being promoted through a website named Steam Tube.

Visit Kevin’s website at http://www.kevinparrish.co.uk