About us

Graham Wilton, Editor

Kate Wilton, Subscriptions and Accounts

Graham Wilton has worked as a journalist in The Four Shires for the past 50 years! Well known in the area, Graham has been instrumental in the establishment of magazines and newspapers, including the Banbury Cake and The Four Shires. Still working as a photojournalist in The Four Shires, there is very little that goes on which escapes his attention. Graham helped set up The Four Shires in 1977 and is happy to edit the latest incarnation - set up 20 years later.

Kate is the driving force behind Four Shires. All subscriptions and accounts are overseen by Kate. Having travelled around the world twice, Kate has seen many of the places her subscriptions are sent to, including Australia, Russia and Canada!

Jeremy Wilton, Publisher

Former Express Newspapers photographer Jeremy Wilton has published The Four Shires since 1997. As well as having a passion for good photography, he also likes old motorcycles.

Ted Hanson, Entertainments Editor.

Ted has worked within The Four Shires for the past 40 years and is a well known face in the world of entertainment. Ted runs a local radio station and has worked in the entertainment press for over 40 years.

Maddie Green, Advertising Executive

As well as being an exceptional advertising executive, Maddie is also a very talented silversmith. A local lady, Maddie is chair of the arts group