Add personality to your bathroom

give the smallest room in your home its own personaility

Bathrooms are often a neglected part of the home, viewed more as utilitarian than a space to decorate. But why not make it an extension of your home and a retreat that you actually enjoy spending time in?

Consider a few of these decorating ideas to make the smallest room of your house a noteworthy space in your home.

Add small accent pieces of furniture – Treating a practical space (such as a bathroom) as a living room totally changes the vibe of the room. Adding a small side chair or side table adds interest and makes the room more visually stimulating.

Artwork – Artwork is a quick and easy way to add personality to your home. Hang a few pieces in the bathroom and you will instantly elevate the space. Just make sure that any frames and pieces you choose can withstand the steam and humidity that is often found in this space, through the use of showers and prolonged running of hot water.

Rethink traditional lighting – Bathroom lighting fixtures tend to be expected and dull. Investing in lighting is one of the quickest and easiest decor choices that can dramatically change the feel of a space. Add a punch with unexpected fixtures you wouldn’t typically find in a bathroom like a small table lamp – Make sure that your choice is compatible with the bathroom environment and can withstand moisture.

Add textiles – Cosy up the space by breaking up all of the hard surfaces with rugs, draperies and upholstered furniture. It will instantly make the space look and feel more inviting.

Add some greenery – Put the finishing touch on your bathroom by adding a plant or a bouquet of flowers to complete the space.

Inviting interiors have many layers which come together to make the space feel like it has evolved over time rather than being thrown together over night.