Archaeology and the Black Death

Finding Global History in your garden

This fascinating  talk by Professor Carenza Lewis  is the after dinner subject for the Warmington Heritage Group’s first ever annual dinner which will be held at Primrose Hill Barn, Arlescote on Friday 13th October 2017.

Time Team’s Carenza has agreed to help the group raise funds to finance professional services required for finds analysisin the Roman fields they are investigating.

Two hoards!!

In July 2008 the Warmington Heritage Group excavated a hoard of 1141 silver roman denarii.  This was declared Treasure Trove in July 2009, valued at £60,000 and is now on display in Warwick Museum.

This is the largest Roman hoard in the County and West Midlands and possibly the largest in the country from this period.      The coins range from circa 206BC to 64ADand give a rare snapshot of the coins in circulation at the time of its deposit.   (Republican to Pompey, Mark Antony, Julius Caeser, through Augustus, Claudius and Nero.)

Since this first hoard was discovered a second hoard of around 450 coins is currently with the British Museum.

Tickets for the dinner are £40.00 per person and include pre-dinner drinks and a fabulous three course meal.   The event starts at 7.30 p.m.Warmington Heritage Group finds and displays will be available to view at the event.

So, what could be more appropriate? – a talk on the Black Death, on Friday 13thOctober in the spooky village of Arlescote – book your tickets now!

Contact:  Telephone 01295 691011.