Capturing the Festive Spirit at Warwick Castle

Stories with Santa hits all the right festive notes!

Having lived in the area my whole life, I have visited Warwick Castle on many occasions both as a child with my parents and as an adult with my husband and now as a mother with my Children writes Cathy Black.

Warwick Castle

You would be forgiven for thinking that I would have visited this attraction during its ‘Christmas at the Castle’ event previously; this is in fact not the case. I have enjoyed Halloween and Summer Jousting but for one reason or another never got there for Christmas.

What better way to experience my first ‘Christmas at Warwick Castle’ then through the eyes of my Children?  As is usual with children, you never quite know how they will react when they see Santa Claus, but as it goes I was pleasantly surprised and in awe of the stories with Santa experience.

From the moment we stepped into the Great Hall and subsequent rooms, we were enveloped in festive cheer. From the towering trees to the glistening decorations the rooms didn’t miss a festive beat. Santa Claus was breath taking and even though this is an experience you enjoy with other families (through timed tickets) we never felt once like we were being ignored. The whole grotto was magical from start to finish and something that the children continued to talk about the next day.

Much Enjoyment was had in the Horrible Histories Maze and doing the Scavenger hunt around the Castle

As part of the ‘Christmas at the Castle’ entry ticket you also get the chance to visit the Princess Tower. Once again this is offered through a free of charge timed ticket that you get from the ‘Princesses’ on the day. Needless to say my 4 year old little girl couldn’t believe she was in the tower of a ‘real’ princess let alone helping to free one from a painting!

My 6 year old son opted to stay with his Daddy and enjoyed the ‘Time Tower’ and a walk around the grounds at this point. To be honest I think this was the right decision as I don’t think he would have really enjoyed the Princess Tower as much as my daughter and I did!

Something we were all in agreement over however was our enjoyment of the Horrible Histories Maze and also the Christmas ‘Scavenger Hunt’ around the castle (where you had to follow clues to find a secret word).

My son is just at the right age for this and his sister equally enjoyed ‘getting lost’ and finding the various markers and stamping the Christmas Passports.  There is a reward at the end for those that complete this and the associated hunt around the castle.

Nothing quite captures the magic of Christmas like watching your children meet the man himself. It has to be said that my children were mesmerised by Santa Claus at Warwick Castle. This coupled with everything else this magnificent building has to offer made for a very festive family day out, that will keep the children going until Christmas Day!

Nothing can sum up an experience aimed at children better than the Children themselves and this picture says it all

‘Christmas at the Castle’ continues until 2 January. Stories with Santa is available 15th, 16th and 18th – 24th December. This is a twice Daily group experience which is free of charge but MUST be booked online before you visit.