Create a homework headquarters

create a space for your children to study

With the September issue of the magazine featuring Education we have found these handy tips for creating a study space for your child that we published a year ago in the Magazine and throught it fitting to share them again with you now.

Finding space for a designated study space can make homework and exam study more fun, accessible and help motivate your child to get it done. Choose a space in your house that’s least likely to distract your child, avoid thoroughfares. Once you have chosen your space it is advisable to ban the use of mobile phones within this area, to avoid any unnecessary distractions.

Plan ahead – Teach your child to manage homework and project deadlines by hanging a personalised calendar above the desk

Clear clutter – Make room on the desktop for the basics, which should include an adjustable lamp and only necessary stationery. A neat work area will help your child be more efficient. As a part of this you could create an “in box” and “out-box”. This way important permission slips and letter aren’t lost.

Choose a simple setup – A desk and chair that are clean in design will grow with your child. Add a throw pillow or a cushion to the chair for extra support, comfort or height.

Keep the time – Hang a clock with large numbers so your child can stay on schedule, this will also help with their own time management skills.

Display keepsakes – Celebrate achievements by hanging them from a homemade clothesline or sticking them to the wall of the study area. These achievements are likely to encourage your child to keep up the good work.

 Back pack hook – install a backpack hook near the work area so that homework, course work and revision notes are always within easy reach.

Sort supplies – Turn an open bookshelf into a child-friendly filing cabinet for school work stationary and more.

Once your study area is complete be sure to evaluate it from time to time. As your child grows and progresses through their education, there needs for this area is likely to change as well.