Fire Side fascination

Alternitive uses for you fire place

As the temperatures continue to dip your thoughts may have turned to your fireplace (if you are lucky enough to have one in your home). After all there is something completely romantic about a roaring fire in the darker, winter days. Many fireplaces however are non-functioning but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways of making your fireplace the focal point of your room. Here are a few suggestions as to how you can utilise this beautiful feature of your home.

A warming wine rack – Why not use this space to display your wines. After all many bottles have fabulous designs on their labels which would create a talking point and a point of interest in your room. This would work particularly well if you have a fire place in your kitchen.

Sizzling storage space – Many homes suffer from a lack of storage solutions so why not place bespoke shelving into your fireplace. This will work really well in smaller homes or flats where storage is often tight.

Create a book lover’s nook – For the fan of the written word an unused fireplace can offer the perfect place to display your collection of literature. Don’t worry if your books are all different shapes and sizes as this will create added interest when it comes to your display. The main thing to remember with this is that you keep your books accessible, so put the ones you are least likely to read near the bottom and those you thumb through regularly nearer the top.

Add a floral touch – You can use a large, elegant vase filled with your favourite blooms to enhance your once empty fireplace. Not only will it add interest and draw the eye but if you choose the right type, the smell will also enhance your room. Flowers are also easily changed to reflect the season, your mood and your room’s colour scheme.

Log display – There’s something warm and inviting about a log-filled fireplace, although your fireplace is no longer in use, simply by filling it with logs you are reflecting the job it was built to do whilst adding a rustic touch to your home. Also without even being lit, the wood evokes a feeling of warmth and homeliness.

Display your collectibles – An empty fireplace is a wonderful way to share your collectibles. Be careful that they are not too small or fragile so as not to be easily damaged. Fireplaces can also get dusty, so a few big items are preferable to many smaller items when it comes to the time spent cleaning them.

Candle wick wonder – With a beautiful and clever placement of pillar candles you can evoke the feeling of warmth along with creating a point of interest in your redundant fireplace. Whether you prefer flames or flame-less this could be the perfect solution for those who want to create the effect of warmth and fire without the hassle and mess.

Create a personal gallery – Step away from the norm when displaying your photographs or works of art. Instead of placing them on top of your mantelpiece, why not display them within it? Framed pieces, grouped together on the floor, add not only a sense of creativity and freshness to your space but will also garner some great conversation.

Travel memories – If you are a keen traveller then an empty fireplace could be the perfect place to display your finds from foreign lands. Whether you display something as small and simple as a shell or currency from every place you have visited or a larger statement piece picked up on cultural markets, this will create the perfect place to show off your love of travelling, whilst also creating a great point for conversation.

Relight my fire – If for whatever reason you can’t have a roaring open fire but would still love to use your fireplace for the purpose it was intended then a gas fireplace might be the ideal solution. Gas fireplaces are economical and environmentally friendly. They require no chimney and are the perfect solution for those who want an actual fire in their fireplace but couldn’t have one.

Whether you choose to use your open fireplace for the purpose it was intended or just as a display feature, with a few thoughtful ideas you could really utilise this sometimes under used space and create something truly warming to look at particularly during the colder, darker days of winter.