Follow the story of Mithos Rohnal and his quest for revenge

The theme of an Oxfordshire Author's debut fantasy Novel

Damian Cloutman, of Milton, has written Shadow of Magic, where power comes at a price that must be paid each time it is used.

He says: “I wanted to write because I needed an escape from the real world, video games can only take you so far with a set plot. A fantasy novel, though, is a world where you can play god; many of my favourite films and games are based in the days of the sword, and I have always liked magic and that fact that it can be anything, and since magic has no pre-set laws that guide it, you can create your own. I had to struggle through school with my learning disabilities, and I wanted that to reflect in the struggles of this book.”

He then continues: “Mithos has to deal with the greatest of betrayals that of family and friends, I also think that in modern society men can be seen as heartless. I want the loss of his beloved to show that men do feel pain but it leads to different actions than it does with women. I think that the main aspect that you could take from the book is that of Mithos’s split personality that people like that are never born, they can only be made.”

Damian Cloutman has struggled with dyslexia his whole life, but with effort and the right help when he reached secondary school he was able to better himself. He hopes that this book will inspire others with dyslexia to try harder to show others that they are just as intelligent as they are.

Shadow of Magic, published by Austin Macauley, is available to purchase from Amazon and all good bookshops. For more information, please visit