Geometric grandeur

using geometric shapes in your home decor

Upcycled geometric wine crate storage box by Made Anew £175

With minimalist interiors remaining at the forefront of ‘on trend’ design, geometric lines, circles, hexagons and triangles have become popular additions in home décor no matter what the season. Geometric lines will enhance a minimalist space and create elegant patterns with sharp angular styles around your home.

Circular geometric patterns on prints are also being used to uplift the style of a previously dull house. Geometric patterns enhance the visual appeal of fabric and can easily transform functional pieces of furniture such as a chair or sofa into an elegant piece with a unique fashion statement.

As with many style choices there is a fine line between creating an elegant ‘on trend’ interior and one which has nothing more than clashing colours and prints that will send you eyes and head into over drive. With a little fore thought however you will soon be on your way to geometric grandeur.

 Versatility of geometric designs – Geometry lines and shapes are not just limited to fabrics and furniture designs but are also found in the overall architecture of your home. Geometric patterns are prominent features from kitchen tiles to bedroom and living room fabrics. Most often, you won’t need to redesign your home but simply enhance its style using items and fixtures that emphasise its geometrical design. You can easily work with clean geometric lines and bold colours to enhance the interior and exterior of your home.

 Geometric lines in décor – You can easily add geometric interest in your home using simple shapes in your décor. For example, you can use duvets and pillows featuring geometric patterns to add comfort and a natural appeal to your interiors. A hexagon mirror hanging on the wall creates the impression of larger spaces without taking too much space. Redesign your décor using classic oriental rugs with ancient geometric shapes.

Geometric décor can be functional too – You can enhance your empty looking staircase with triangularly shaped shelving underneath that can be used as shoe storage or reading nook. A geometric staircase does not take up too much room and still looks modern especially when it features a linear rail.

Geometric rug by I love Retro £249

Shelving with a geometric design – Update old shelving on the walls and construct floating shelves to add a geometric appeal to the walls. The shelves not only provide extra storage but create a statement piece as well. Geometric shelves can be installed anywhere from the walls to the kitchen as open cabinets and even under a coffee table!

Geometric designs on walls and floors – the first thing you probably think about at the mention of geometric lines in your interior design is probably the tiles. You can take the tile design further by incorporating hexagons on your bathroom tiles and on the kitchen floor too. Get your creative juices flowing and use unique materials such as wine corks and old plates to create a mosaic splashback in bathrooms. Reclaimed wood cut in geographic shapes makes an interesting floor or wall.

As more people adopt minimalism as the preferred style, geometric lines and shapes have become quite popular. Such shapes can be used virtually anywhere in the interior and exterior of your house. All you need is a little creativity and imagination to create a modern, eclectic, or even (occasionally) wacky design using geometric lines.