Histories of the Unexpected LIVE

WANTED: Curious minds!

Brand New for 2018 Histories of the Unexpected LIVE will be coming to the Roxburgh Hall at Stowe.

Dr Sam Willis and Dr James Daybell two of TV’s most gifted historical storytellers will inform and entertain us as they reveal how history and these subjects link together in unexpected and magical ways. Have you ever thought how everyday items connect to our history? Then this show will take you on a journey of discovery as it tackles some of the greatest historical themes – Tudors, Second World War, Roman Empires to the Victorians

Did you know ……..
The History of Boxes are connected to the Second World War
Bubbles are connected to the French revolution?
Mountains are connected with elephants?
You will never think about the past – or present in the same way ever again

Tickets: £14 / £10 Concessions and Members
Box Office: 01280 825710 Bookings: www.artsatstowe.co.uk