Kitty's Brew

Written by Cathy on .

Hook-Norton1Nineteen year old Hook Norton girl Kitty Wright, who last month became the first apprentice to work at the Pear Tree, Hook Norton’s Brewery Tap, will now brew her own beer at the North Oxfordshire family brewery on Tuesday 8th September.

Kitty, who recently received her British Institute of Innkeeping Award in Beer and Cellar Quality, has created a recipe, with the help of brewer Rob, based on the flavours created in her favourite ales by the addition of a variety of hops.

Her day will start with ‘Mashing In’, the first step in the brewing process that combines crushed Malts with hot water in the new pilot plant’s mash tun, to convert complex starches into simple sugars that are more readily fermented. Later she will break away from the heat of the brewery to discuss the name and design the pump clip before finishing by emptying and cleaning the copper!

The resulting brew will be available at the Pear Tree during Cask Ale Week, which runs from the 24th September until the 4th October, with its official launch on Ladies Day on the first Thursday. Because of its availability during the Rugby World Cup Kitty intends to give it a rugby related name to compliment Hook Norton’s own beer for the competition, “Nice Try”. She said, “I’m really excited and looking forward to brewing my very own beer. Not many girls of my age ever get the opportunity to do this; I’m very privileged"