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Dec 05th
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Home A year of Four Shires!!

Dec 03

A year of Four Shires!!

Posted by Cathy Upton in Untagged 

Today is a celebratory day for myself, as it was a year ago that I first started working for the Four Shires magazine!

I'd had a couple of articles published within its glossy pages the months previous to this. It wasn't, however until late November that I got the Call from Jeremy asking me if I would like to come and work part time for him, I couldn't quite believe it!  

Coming out of University in the June I knew nothing about what I would be doing, just that I really wanted to work within the media, doing that which I  love the most, writing!

Having seen The Four Shires magazine at my Grans I thought that this was a publication I would like to work with, because it coupled my love for history with my passion for the countryside that I had lived in for the whole of my life.  

To my surprise from the email I sent to Jeremy I got a response, asking me to come in an meet him and chat about what I would like to do. The rest as they say 'is history' 

I am now working fulltime, writing and Laying out the magazine, which has sparked my interest once again in Graphic design, Which I had studied at College previous to my University degree.

All I can say is that I am so lucky to be in this position. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Jeremy for taking this Wanna be writer on and giving me a job, which  has both challenged me and given me skills which I will have for life!

We have a lovely team working behind the scenes at The Four Shires.

Heres to the next year!!


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