Mexican Design

Mexico is a country between the United States of America and Central America which is known for its Pacific and Gulf of Mexico beaches and its diverse landscape of...

Mexico is a country between the United States of America and Central America which is known for its Pacific and Gulf of Mexico beaches and its diverse landscape of mountains, deserts and jungles. Ancient ruins such as Teotihuacán and the Mayan city of Chichén Itzá are scattered throughout the country, as are Spanish colonial-era towns. Throughout the capital Mexico City you will find plenty of upscale shops, renowned museums and gourmet restaurants that cater to modern life.

When it comes to interior design, the Mexican style encompasses much more than symbols such as the chili peppers and big hats. Strictly speaking in terms of interior design, the Mexican style is very rich and full of tiny details that are easy to recognise but that can be difficult to reproduce. Mexican homes are characterised by the warm and welcoming ambiance and intricate interior décor elements. In order to be able to capture the essence of this culture in your home, you must first get a clear idea of what really defines the style.

Colour palette: The Mexican colour palette includes rich tones and vibrant shades of both warm and cold colours. Red, orange, blue and green and just a few of the colours you could choose to use if embracing a Mexican style in your home and they’re almost always combined through patterns.

Rich, crafted fabrics: Woven and embroidered textiles rich in texture are a staple of the Mexican interior design style. These textiles can be used in your home in the form of coloured blankets, decorative pillows and bold area rugs. The unique hand crafted style will add warmth to any space, making your home feel much more inviting and cosy.

Tiles: The use of strikingly hand painted Mexican tiles around your home will automatically add ornate character to your staircases, kitchen backsplash and more. They offer a perfect accent to this theme and are beautiful; an excellent way to capture the essence of this style and culture.

Tropical plants: Although using tropical plants in your interior design is not necessarily a feature pertaining to this particular style, it can be the element that defines your home and brings it closer to what makes a Mexican home feel complete. The vibrant, fresh colours and the connection to nature are just two of the defining characteristics.

Wall Décor: In order to obtain atraditional Mexican wall décor, options include the blending of a variety of elements. These may include mirrors with ornate frames, decorative plates displayed as a gallery, hats and paintings showcasing themed images for example. Even textiles can be displayed on walls. The story and concept behind the items you wish to display in this way is also important so choose carefully.

Furniture: Mexican furniture is greatly influenced by the Spanish, Chinese, and Mayan cultures. Choose furniture that has straight lined, with lots of ornamentation on it. Furniture made from pine wood should ideally be used. Walnut and cherry furniture will also look good for this style.

Artefacts: A great way to capture the essence of Mexican interior design is by using artefacts. Display them on walls, on shelves, tables or wherever you think they’d look best. They can serve as an intriguing focal point but can also just as easily blend in if the décor is well balanced.

Accessories: Mexican homes are usually full of accessories. So, place lots of candles, picture frames as well as mirrors in your home. Accessories made from metal as well as wrought iron should be used. You could choose to place lots of cultural items such as paintings with Mexican folk art, pottery with geometric patterns on it, as well as the coloured woven baskets, at various places in your home. Traditional masks can be put on the walls to complete the look.

Traditional doors: If budget is not a problem then why not try to find some reclaimed carved wooden doors? These will usually have the typical Mexican charm you may be looking for to embrace this style. Use a salvaged Mexican door for your bedroom to give it the warmth it needs or use one as a front door to make the entrance to you home more charming and characterful.

Mexican style and culture is bursting with colour, from vibrant architecture to colourful cuisine, flamboyant textiles, and vivid folk art. If you are looking for a home filled with bold, lively colours, than a Mexican inspired décor will be perfect for you. Equally if you are looking for just a touch of this ‘handy craft’ style, whether through tiles or a textile then there are plenty of options available to you no matter what your home style or budget.