Protect your garden

in the winter

Winter can be a very harsh time for the plants in your garden. The dropping temperatures and constant frosts can often see the end of some of your more treasured blooms. If your plants do get damaged however, this is not necessarily the end; there are ways of minimising this damage.


  • Protect any damaged plants from the morning sun; plants can deteriorate if they defrost too quickly. If you can’t move the plants, try covering them with a layer of black plastic to block out the sun.
  • Cut back frosted growth in spring to a healthy, new bud, to prevent further die back and encourage plants to produce fresh, new shoots.
  • Feed damaged plants with a balanced fertiliser.
  • Dig up small, tender plants and take them into the greenhouse. Many will quickly produce new growth and recover, provided they are not subjected to prolonged periods of heavy frost, wet or cold.