Sulgrave Advent Calendar

Advent window event set for 4th Year

This will be the 4th year that Sulgrave village will be celebrating early for Christmas.  25 house owners have volunteered a window to create a village advent calendar.  On December 1st at 6.30pm, after a loud countdown, the first window will be “opened”.

There has been no problem in recruiting “openers”, such is the popularity of the event for all.  However, there is some consternation as last year one window came complete with two live donkeys.  I gather that the accompanying sheep remained in the trailer!  So how to follow this?  The expectation is that scenes will vary and could be simple or highly decorated similar to those depicted in an Advent calendar.

Each year the attendance has grown and last Christmas 30 people a night was not unusual. Mince pies and mulled wine helped to combat the chill.  A collection for charity is made