Tactile interiors

Adding texture to your home

Most of us will be drawn into the touchy, feely elements of any design scheme. For example you will probably be hard pushed to find someone that will look at the John Lewis building in Birmingham, adorned with thousands of shiny discs and not instantly want to touch it.

Tactile design and interiors may have been a staple solution in industrial design for some time now but this trend is now making its way from the industrial to the residential property.

This trend is beginning to blur the lines between soft and hard furnishings and in turn is transforming a room from a place we just inhabit to something we actually experience.

Chunky knit throw by Grattify £195

Driftwood twig lamp by Nautilus Design £222

Susannah industrial steel pipe staircase handrail by Urban Grain £395

Adding tactile elements to your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming and can be done in the simplest way through the addition of some quirky accessories that complement the space you already have.


Bike wheel ceiling light by Vyconic £149.99

Andes Cushion cover by the Alpaca Comapny £75