The Adventures of Mo at Butterbee Farm

New book by local Author is out now

The Adventures of Mo at Butterbee Farm is a new series of children’s books from budding children’s author Beki Benjamin. It follows a mischievous young boy called Mo and his Massey Ferguson pedal tractor.

Mo’s first adventure, Dad’s Sandwich, starts with a very special birthday present, a tractor which he calls Mitsy. However, he soon realises that riding his tractor isn’t as easy as he first thought.

The back of the book also contains a 2-page educational section explaining that without farmers, there would be no sandwich!

the book is 40 pages long, is fully illustrated BY Josh Welsby. The book is aimed at children from 6-9 year olds, however it’s also a great bedtime read for parents with younger children.

ISBN 9781916449701: Cost: £10 + £1 for postage and packing. A donation to The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I) will be made based on a proportion of total sales of the book.

 Mo’s next adventure Up the Apple Tree is due out this month followed by Where’s Tumble early 2019.