Do you have wedding photography dread?

Lizzie Melvin helps cure your Photography fears

Our August issue, which is out now features amongst all of our regular favourites, a spectacular wedding feature. With this in mind here is a feature we ran last year, compiled by Lizzie Melvin of Elizabeth Melvin Photography:

As you are planning your wedding, everything should be exciting and uplifting. Yet for some people, the thought of being the centre of attention and having a camera pointed at them all day is the worst thing ever. “I hate having my photograph taken!” is the phrase I hear most of all, writes Lizzie Melvin.

 The first comments are often “Let’s get through the groups as soon as possible and just go casual from then on”. If you approach your photography like this, then you may miss out on getting wonderful memories that show you at your best. You are also missing out on enjoying the photography experience!

 Firstly, I would suggest that you shop around for a photographer whose style you like; and there should be a few to choose from no matter what your photography budget is.

 Once you have found a photographer you like then call them. However easy emailing is, it really doesn’t tell you as much. See whether you like them as people and if you can trust them. If you don’t like the person, your images will show this no matter how skilled the camera person is.

Now look at yourself in a photograph. What is it that you really hate? Do you think your nose to big, chin too fat, skin spotty or teeth crooked? Whatever you think, don’t assume that your photographer sees the same as you. Tell your photographer what worries you and be honest. If you are open, a good photographer can work at their best to give you images you will truly love. Also never forget that your fiancé loves you just as you are.

If you have a practice session with your photographer you will get the feel of how they pose you. Look at the pictures taken. Do you like what you see? If not then say so. If they get it spot on, tell them too. All this means that your photographer can get to know what you like and are looking for on your wedding day.

Believe it or not, if you follow these steps, your confidence will grow so much, that come your wedding day you’ll forget all about the initial worry. You’ll also find as the day passes you’ll not notice your photographer at work and be able to concentrate fully on your day.

All the people pictured here started out by saying “I hate myself in photographs!”