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Friday, Aug 26th

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Marmalade vodka!


The deliciously distinctive Marmalade Vodka from Chase Distillery in Hertfordshire is a worthy winner of a gold medal at the San Francisco Spirits Awards, and is all set to become a summer sensation here at home in Britain, lubricating the hottest events of the “season”.

Last year William Chase’s potato vodka – made from home-grown ingredients and distilled on his family farm – beat out 115 competitors to claim the title of “World’s Best Vodka” in San Francisco. This achievement was followed up this year with a gleaming gold medal for Chase’s unique Marmalade Vodka, which competed against more than a thousand brands of flavoured vodka from dozens of countries.

What makes Chase’s Marmalade Vodka extra-special is its unique flavour, acquired from marinating fine English marmalade preserve with Chase potato vodka and infusing it with fresh orange peel in a bespoke Alembic copper pot still.

 “Flavoured vodka is hot right around the world at present, but I believe it is our pure potato spirit at the base, and the precise fruit infusion, that makes our unique Marmalade Vodka stand out from the crowd,” said Mr Chase.

“It began as a bit of a quirky experiment with a limited edition, but proved such a hit that we have now decided to make it a permanent part of our portfolio,” he said.

Chase Marmalade Vodka is crystal clear, with a slight golden hue, exuding a zesty orange aroma. The rich, bitter-sweet flavour is ideal for cocktails, or extremely refreshing sipped neat over ice.

It’s already being enjoyed by connoisseurs of fine spirits around the world since it became available at World Duty Free outlets, and has had several promising pre-view outings at special events at home in England, including the opening of the new London Bistro du Vin.

Chase Marmalade Vodka is going high society at the Henley Regatta in July, when William Chase will be hosting a pop-up bar at the half-way line.

It certainly seems that anybody who is anybody will be mixing with Marmalade Vodka this summer.