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Friday, Aug 26th

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You are here: Business News 'Bike down' function released as free upgrade

'Bike down' function released as free upgrade


vincentA new function on a pioneering, Thatcham approved tracking device could help bikers involved in an accident receive a much quicker response. The bike down functionality –has been introduced by Bike Trac this month as a free upgrade – will send out an alert when the bikes goes through an angle of 70 degrees or more from vertical when the ignition is switched on.

The alert can be configured by the biker to be sent by text or email to a chosen contact who will receive details including the address of the location that the bike is in, a latitude and longitude reference and a link to Google maps. If necessary, all of the information can be passed direct to the emergency services to accelerate the response time.

For riders, who are planning to drop their bikes frequently, possibly in off road riding and competition, the device can be easily switched off and then turned on again when the bikes are in storage for theft alerts to the owner’s mobile phone.

The discreet on-board motion detection unit is suitable for all types of bikes – on road and off-road and monitors any unusual movements. The clever accessory can detect whether your bike is moving and alerts the rider within a couple of minutes by text or email. Several stolen bikes, particularly in the London area, have already been located with the help of Bike Trac.

The recently released free upgrades also include a battery indicator that alerts the rider if the battery life falls beneath a set threshold, enabling them to save money on replacing a dead battery.

Bike Trac Marketing Manager Neil Kuiper says “We believe that the two new upgrades are useful bits of kit for most riders in the UK and they increase the superb value that a Bike Trac unit can deliver. You can’t really put a price on peace of mind for yourself and friends and family, but Bike Trac offers exactly that as well as much more fun stuff too like route trackers and an opportunity to share your biking routes online.”

The Bike Trac product, available in selected UK motorcycle dealerships now, costs £299 plus a small monthly subscription. The Bike Trac device is registered to the user and not the machine, so can be transferred from bike to bike. For further information or to locate your nearest stockist, please visit