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Ace in the hole


web_ace_pictureDog is overjoyed that all the Chilean miners have emerged from the depths and can once again stand next to their loved ones. The event was broadcast to the world with a media 'cast of thousands' watching every finger biting second. It seems slightly odd to Dog that in any other situation the media would be kept at a far distance from the scene of the tragedy. No matter...the important thing is that the miners all survived what must have been a terrifying ordeal.

Dog recalls a film titled 'Ace in the hole'.  Billy Wilder's classic 50s film starring Kirk Douglas tells the story of a miner trapped underground. Douglas plays the part of a hard bitten news reporter desperate for a story. Discovering the trapped man he colludes with the mining company to lengthen the time the miner is trapped the story greater impact and keeping it newsworthy for a greater length of time. Obviously, this isn't what happend in Chile - but how long will it be before we see the Douglas film on TV?

Commiserations to those at Vodafone

All at The Four Shires are very sorry to hear about the planned redundancies at Vodafone in Adderbury - hopefully the management will be able to find new employment for those involved.

Four Shires show is coming!


Well we are now just a little under 2 weeks away from our Show on August 22nd, so as you can imagine the office is a hive of activity! This year's show, with the addition of the 2 day beer festival over the 21st and 22nd is shaping up to be quite the town centre event!

Making use of the new Banbury market place the event will offer all visitors the chance to see the very best of our area. Comprising of food and drink, arts and crafts and family entertainment there really will be something for everyone at this year's Four Shires Show.

Now we are all hoping for some of the fabulous summer weather we have been experiencing this year...but nethertheless, come ran or shine the Four Shires team will be in cheerful spirits to help you find your way through the ever expanding event! So why not come along and say hello and sample some of what is on offer in our wounderful Four Shires?

We look forward to seeing you there!!


Four Shires show in full swing and Brackley Carnival


Well if you haven't already heard, we, at the Four Shires office are in full swing getting ready for the Four Shires show in August, which promises to be bigger and better then the event last year. We are moving into the New Banbury Market Place and there will be an array of food and drink producers from the local area, Many offering free tasters!

NEW to this year's event will be the addition of a two day beer festival in the Banbury Town Hall, running Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd August.

Before then however I (Cathy) shall be at the Brackley Carnival on saturday, handing out free back issues of the magazine, along with my partner Crian so please come and say hello! Hope to see you there!

Oh well back the July edition of the magazine and further preparations for the show!



Having been seduced by the balmy weather of the season - not a week from the start of the 'official' summer, traditional British weather returns - RAIN. One mustn't grumble - the allotment will be soaking it up!

Barbeque summer on its way (in my head)

I think winter has finally packed its bags - and thank goodness for that. I am looking forward to spring and summer and the wonderful Four Shires holds something for everyone. We are getting word of some great events at Silverstone, the wonderful Fairport Convention Folk festival planning is well under way - Status Quo are appearing along with the fantastic reggae all stars. Cornbury Park is holding what has come to be termed 'Poshstock' - ah the summer barbecues are sizzling in my head already.

Will winter end soon?

I love sledging on snow, I love frosty mornings - but I've had enough of the cold weather now. I've seen the snowdrops so I'm quite ready for warmer weather now.


I have very little to say on the subject - I know that if every square inch of road and pavement were gritted our council tax bills would skyrocket etc etc - But, this morning in an act of public spirited bonhomie, I marched to the end of my road to witness cars sliding on the hill that joins the junction to the main road. I was armed with my shovel, ready to cast grit on the incline and ease the motorists ire - what did I find? You've guessed it - the grit hopper was full of Big Mac boxes and empty tins of cider. No grit - no surprise really!

Snowed in!



I am writing this latest entry from the wiles of Culworth, as the adverse weather conditions have forced me to work from home for the last couple of days. I wouldn't mind but it's warmer in the office then it is in my house! As I sit here writing this I have 4 layers on and I am thinking about reaching for the gloves!

I have seen the odd 4x4 driving, albeit slowly through the village, but with the lack of gritting in this area and down the Banbury Lane, means that my poor little Micra could not make the 8 mile journey to Banbury!

Never fear though the February magazine is still on target to hit deadline, as I have always got plenty of work I can do out of the office. Once I have finished this entry I will be working on some wedding copy for this months main feature. The theme for it shall be spring and summer weddings, a far cry from the cold conditions we are experiencing at the minute!

I am sure by the time the February magazine hits the streets the country will have come out of this weather spell, that as usual were are not prepared for, well heres hoping anyway. Don't get me wrong I do like making the odd Snow person and throwing snowballs at my unsuspecting boyfriend but I really would like to feel my fingers some time soon!

Please be safe on the roads if you really do have to travel, leave plenty of time for your journey and don't sit too close to the car in front of you.

Happy sledging!

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