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Monday, Oct 10th

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Harvest festival attracts the 'glitterati'


sarah_hugh-01_600_x_429Two festival goers were sat in a field when one said to the other:
‘You Hungry?’
The other stands up, looks around and says
‘Yeah, but my tummy needs something quite extraordinary’

And Harvest was born.

Harvest is a celebration of food and music for friends and for families. At both of our festivals, you’ll be able to feast your ears as well as your belly. The nation’s feted chefs rub shoulders with the makers of very popular music and everyone jumps up and down. Bingo.

We’re not big but we are perfectly proportioned and well considered, put simply we’ve got more flavour than your regular festival. We hope that you feel the same way as us about the marriage of good food and great music. All of us here at Harvest HQ would camerons-01_1404_x_934feel honoured if you chose to join in with our festivities on September 9th – 12th, Oxfordshire or Suffolk.

Harvest: The festival with a bite.