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Golf jamboree at Kirtlington

golfThe golf academy at Kirtlington Golf Club has been running for two years now and members are celebrating its success.
Players involved in the academy include Cara Gainer, winner of the Boddington Trophy with an undefeated season for Oxfordshire County team.
With 125 pupils aged from 5 to 18 the academy has already given the young people of Oxfordshire an opportunity to discover and to be coached to an elite level. Since golf was made an Olympic sport last month, they now have the opportunity to aspire to Olympic success too.
Nathan Deacon, one of the children's parents commented, “May I take this opportunity to say thank you for the encouragement and excellent tutorage Andy taylor has shown my daughter since she has taken up this wonderful sport.”
Andy commenteds, “The Americans have been putting much more focus on sport excellence than we have in the UK for years, even running sport practice alongside academic qualifications. The Academy is dedicated to giving young boys and girls the opportunity to take golf as far as they want to, with a professional team around to support them.”