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Cathy Upton


cathyJob title and how long you have worked here:
Editorial Executive. I have worked here since December 2007.

I Am Here to:
Annoy mainly I think! No I am here to organise and layout the magazine, without breaking too many things! I am the clumsiest member of the team!

I Believe:
That dragons really do exist and also in fait, not necessarily at the same time however! Also that the Four Shies magazine is the best in the area. It is independently run, friendly and always happy to receive good, local stories.

I Work at the Four Shires because:
Every day is different and it doesn't feel like a job, but more a passion.

I Like:
Too many things but to name just a few: - writing, poetry, stories and song lyrics, good design, bad design (you can learn so much from it), illustration, making stuff, films (I graduated from a film and video degree) and driving- I recently realised a lifelong dream and took part in a rally thrill experience, thanks to my gorgeous boyfriend Crian (who is often mistaken for Wolverine due to his remarkable beard).

I Dislike:
Bad drivers, strawberries and dishonest people (I am far to honest for my own good! - hence my quote in the school year book ‘Keep putting your foot in it'!)

When I Grow Up I Hope to be:
A superhero, with an over the top outfit, jet pack and the power of telekinesis, who rides around on a dragon called Cuddles with a chimp sidekick! Failing that a family will do me nicely!