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Tuesday, Mar 06th

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Dogs are healthy for people!

Today Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity is calling on GPs and hospitals in Oxfordshire to prescribe a daily dose of dog after academic research reveals regular contact with dogs can improve your quality of life. Health benefits of dog ownership and interaction include a lowered blood pressure and significant mental improvement for depression sufferers.

Rehoming Centre Manager/Clarissa Baldwin says:


“Dogs Trust undertook this research as we were aware of the health benefits of dog ownership but wanted to fully evaluate its potential. We understand that not everyone is in a position to own a dog and urge anyone looking to improve their lifestyle to consider volunteering at a local rescue centre.

We hope that GPs in Oxfordshire ill encourage patients to engage with dogs as our four legged friends really do provide you with a happier and healthier lifestyle.”

The Dog Prescription highlights the mental and physical benefits of dog ownership and interaction. Findings below:

  1. Dogs can help the development of children with learning and educational difficulties

  1. Children that grow up with dogs are healthier and spend more time in school

  1. Owning a dog helps reduce the risk of allergies in children, in particular, asthma, wheezing and eczema.

  1. Dog owners make fewer visits to their GP and spend less time in hospital

  1. Dogs can reduce depression and improve mental well-being in humans

  1. Dog ownership aids the recovery of post coronary patients

  1. Owning a dog can help lower blood pressure in children and adults

  1. Dogs can help the elderly by combating feelings of loneliness and isolation

  1. Dog owning adults and children are more physically active and healthier than non-dog owners

  1. Dogs can provide a great emotional support for humans during periods of stress and anxiety