Public Art Project by Stuart Semple
Press Release. Share Something Amazing. Nationwide Public Art Project and Limited Edition Print Giveaway. Stuart Semple for The Fertility Partnership

British artist Stuart Semple announces major public art project commissioned by The Fertility Partnership. “SOMETHING AMAZING” takes place Thursday 1st September, live and simultaneously in six locations across the UK: London, Glasgow, Chelmsford, Southampton, Oxford and Nottingham.

Popping up in well-known sites yet to be revealed, these large scale installations will brighten even the most mundane of mornings, encouraging people from all walks of life to stop, look and discover.

Raising awareness of the essential work of The Fertility Partnership, and to increase egg donations at their clinics, the campaign invites all women to consider how it might feel to be infertile, or unable to conceive, and the amazing gift they could potentially give. Fertility treatment has transformed the lives of thousands of women. Every year, around 2,000 children are born in the UK as a result of donated eggs, sperm or embryos. The problem is, the UK just doesn’t have enough egg donors – and a woman can wait up to two years for an egg.

“I’m really excited to be creating these new pieces and to be bringing them to streets throughout England and Scotland. It’s amazing to be able to lend my art to a cause as important as egg donation.

I see art as a really generous thing and the idea that art can link so directly to life is wonderful.” for location details as they are revealed.