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Jeremy Wilton

Jeremy Wilton
Job title and how long you have worked here:
Publisher/Editor- since the beginning. For my sins I worked as a tabloid photographer on Fleet Street (when it was still Fleet Street) Did a five year stretch and returned to my home town - the best town in the country- Banbury. I started the magazine and originally called it Banbury Fare - people confused it with the Michaelmas Fair however, so I changed the title to Four Shires - reflecting the area we circulate in. I like photographs - pictures - are what make the magazine a little bit different.

I Am Here to:
Make a small difference I hope! I believe in as many people having the opportunity to have as much fun as possible in life.

I work at the Four Shires Because:

I like doing so. I like Marmite crisps and at the moment Maltesers are resurgent. I like my car - it's a ‘Q' car - it looks like a standard old BMW but it has a disproportionately large engine. It's rear wheel drive, so it drifts. I like motorcycles and pretty women - that's why I like Kate. I like seeing my nippers do well and at the moment I like ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'. I have always liked ‘Father Ted' and ‘Young Frankenstein' - ‘Fawlty Towers' is great too.

I Dislike:
Broad beans When I grow up I hope to be fit enough to circumnavigate the world on my motorcycle.